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Putting Greens

Turn Your Yard Into A Maintenance-Free Paradise
With Year-Round Green

Lazy Lawn
Synthetic Grass


  • Your own maintenance-free lawn!
  • A professionally manicured green lawn all year long!
  • A year-round green lawn that does not require mowing & watering!
  • No more wasted money spent on water, fertilizer, pesticides, lawn care!

Imagine No More!

You can now sell your lawn mower to the neighbors! Install a maintenance-free Lazy Lawn in your yard today. Our unique synthetic grass simulates real Kentucky Blue Grass (the best looking grass on the planet) without the expensive time-consuming maintenance.

Maintenance-Free Means...

  • No Watering

  • No Mowing
  • No Fertilizing

  • No Seeding

  • No Pesticides

  • No Weeding

  • No Edging

  • No Thatching
  • No Hassles

The Lazy Lawn Turf System

The revolutionary Lazy Lawn Turf System consists of a synthetic turf fiber that is constructed of intense UV protected, soft polyethylene fibers that have been spring-set at the manufacturing process, thus creating a mat-free realistic lawn grass.

Our synthetic grass fibers stand up naturally, but do require a little sand infill to help stabilize the root of the fibers and to assist in weighing down the turf. What makes our Lazy Lawn Turf the most realistic synthetic turf grass on the market is its unique fiber design. The fibers simulate "real" grass blades that are found in Kentucky Blue Grass turf. Our grass looks so real that the only way you can tell it is synthetic is because it is too perfect... green year round and perfectly mowed. It can be cleaned with a leaf blower or plastic lawn rake.

Our Lazy Lawn Turf carries a five year Manufacturers Limited Warranty, but that does not mean the turf will only last five years. With a little care and an annual dose of our special formulated UV/Enhancement Treatment, your turf can last ten years or more.

Lazy Lawn is Ideal For...

Front Yards         Back Yards          Play Areas

  • Residential Homes

  • Condominiums

  • Office Complexes

  • Schools & Playgrounds

  • Shopping Malls

  • Municipalities and Parks

  • Restaurants

  • Retirement Communities

  • Auto Dealerships

  • Churches

  • Hotels, Motels & Resorts

  • Golf Facilities

  • Apartment Complexes

  • Gas and Service Stations

Installed by Trained Professional Dealers

The Lazy Lawn Grass Systems are installed by Dealers who have been trained and informed in the technologies and installation techniques of the Lazy Lawn Synthetic Grass System. Our Lazy Lawn Dealers have been informed and trained on product knowledge... under-base... preparation... turf sculpturing... proper seaming... proper drainage and proper turf care.

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